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Eek. How did nearly two weeks pass since the last time I put up a post?

Oh, that’s right. I couldn’t think of anything to post about without sounding like Debby Downer. It’s been a rough series of days. Starting with a sick dog. And some drama at work. And my car breaking down for the 14th time in the past year.  Do you ever feel like there are seasons when you just can’t catch a break anywhere???? BECAUSE I DO.

So, in light of the terrible week I’ve had, it’s time for some blog randoms that will remind me of at least a few highlights.

1. My dog has been sick every other week for the past two months, and we finally figured out that the princess just needs special food. Miserable to pay another vet fee. But having my sweet puppy back to normal has been well worth the aggravation.

2. I got an extra day off from work today. So this will be a 3-day office week, and next week will be the same since next Monday is a holiday. Gotta love those presidents. I surely am looking forward to celebrating them.

3. I’m almost done with the 5th book of the Harry Potter series. A decade after they originally came out, my friend finally convinced me to read them. I might be 24, but hello, THEY ARE REALLY GOOD? What is happening to me?

4. We have less than a month until Winter Camp. And then two weeks later I’m going to visit friends in Vegas. And then a month later, I’m going home for Tiff’s wedding. Those are the things that keep me moving from day to day right now.

5.  It snowed all morning yesterday. And all morning today. And the great part? I haven’t had to drive in yet. I HATE driving when it’s snowy and icy, but I still love the snow…especially when I can just stay out of it.

Oh man. Harry Potter is calling. What are days off for…if not for reading children’s books that were created for people half my age???


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