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To every extremity…

I found this quote this morning and thought it worthy of sharing. Felt like it is such a picture of the way I am experiencing God these days:

Intimacy with the Creator grows through sharing every realm of experience. I’ve wept bitterly with Him. I’ve screamed in frustration. Sometimes I thought He was going to break my heart in two. But I’ve also laughed out loud with Him. Wept with unspeakable joy. Left the chair and gone to my knees in awe. Squealed with excitement. I have been to every extremity and back with God. But I would tell you that He is the absolute joy of my life. I don’t just love Him. I love loving Him. Surrendering my heart to Him has not been a sacrifice.

Beth Moore, Living Free


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Winter Camp is over.

A picture of our staff on the last day:

We had a fantastic weekend…took 390 students + 66 leaders + staff and band and a few other extra adults. I got somewhere in the mid-50s for middle school students from my campus. And that is an EPIC VICTORY for team Woodmen Heights.

I’ve been learning a lot about ministry lately…about my vision for it, my hope in it, my belief that this is exactly where I am called to in this season of my life. Over and over again, the Lord has been reminding me that there is nowhere else He wants me right now more than here. I was made for this job and this season.

Today was the first work day in our office without my boss, the middle school pastor. It was weird to even think that he is gone for good. I’m sure the reality of the transition will hit the first time I have a meltdown over some graphic design issue or the first time we’re stumped for a creative idea. He was a genius at that stuff.

But for now, I’m excited about the possibility of dreaming again. Being part of a ministry team is such a privilege. But one of the things I’ve felt most intensely in my job here is this distinct lack of ability to dream big. I’ve been told that I can have all the control and ownership that I’m willing to take…. but it must fit within a very specific, very pre-programmed student ministry. And that makes my own vision seem somewhat pointless.  There hasn’t been room for it anywhere.  It’s easy to agree with someone else’s vision for ministry, but it’s not easy to take it on as my own. It was his vision. And it was fantastic. But it wasn’t mine.

When I first came out here, I really just wanted to work with the girls’ ministry. I love-love-love discipling girls in middle and high school, and my original job description made it sound like that was all I was going to be doing…just living my dream. But that wasn’t really true. The middle school program needed running.  Routines were established. Family ministry and event planning and ministry partners became much more of my day-to-day job than anything having to do with my girls.  I’ve stayed busy doing just about anything and everything but dreaming big for these girls.

As we’ve started making this transition in our student team, I’m beginning to feel the vision creeping back into my veins. I have missed the hope and the motivation that it brings. But I’m beginning to dream again. And I’m so excited for the way the next few months look as I really dig into my own vision for my role here.

It’s exciting to ask the Lord for big dreams again… and there is nothing that makes me feel more alive than the idea of living in the vision that He has given me for this season of life. ILOVEMYJOB. And I love even more that He has given me both the desires of my heart and the vision to carry them out.

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The brief update:

In list format, of course:

1. Alice came to visit. We went on a snowshoeing adventure. It was fantastic.

2. I went snowboarding…and looked exactly like all those people you’ve been watching on the Olympics. Well…the part where they wiped out often and it looked really painful? I looked like that part.

3. My boss announced his resignation as our middle school pastor. So we’re in the middle of some major transitions, and I’m on the list to teach a lot more in the next few months. We’re starting a series on sex and relationships in April, and I can’t wait to link you to the podcasts…gonna be a fun series!

4. We leave for Winter Camp in four days! YIKES. My plate is FULL this week, but I’m so excited about the chance to get away with our students. The Lord has been doing some cool things in our ministry here, and I really do want to sit down and blog about what I’m learning, but that will at least have to wait until tonight…maybe tomorrow.

5. I just twittered this true story: I caught myself this morning giving thanks to God for allowing someone to create the Sharpie Pen. I said it out loud. Not kidding. And then I realized how ridiculous it is that I’m so attached to one particular type of writing utensil.

6. Another true story: one of my middle school girls wants me to chaperone her school dance. I can foresee a great blog post about that coming in the next few months.

7. Last one. The Bachelor finale is tonight. Jake, if you are out there and listening, don’t pick Vienna. It will ruin the love story. Sincerely, a concerned fan. 🙂

Working on another post already about what the Lord has been teaching me lately in ministry. I promise it won’t be two more weeks until you see it!  

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