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Diamond smuggling  from South Africa to France, secret messages from the 1600’s, CIA agents, techno parties, Starbucks, a health spa, a non-gambling casino-style game room, and well more than a hundred arrests into an intense, fog-covered military prison.

Yep. You guessed it.

Just another day in the office.


Intimidated by our fierce faces?

You should be.

If not, I’ll just have to walk you over to the military prison – where you’ll be all-but-abused and interrogated by our (Godly) military cadets.



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Sustaining whispers.

It’s not a spectacular show anymore.  Or an emotional moment. Or a poignant sermon.

It’s my alarm clock going off for the sixth time time this morning. Purpose.

It’s the sound of my journal opening to a new page. Change.

The look of an inbox with forty-two emails. Endurance.  The stillness in a car ride home alone. Rest. The sweat of an intense workout. Freedom. And the deep breath I take as I respond to an onslaught of text messages. Loved.

My days are relatively unspectacular. Nothing dramatic. Little signficance.

But I’m beginning to believe that the sustaining whispers of the Spirit into my mundane routine are much more spectacular than any show-stopping lifestyle or dramatic moment.  And the fact that the Spirit of God would even think to whisper truth over me in the most mindless tasks and trivial occurences…well, it’s just encouraging.

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I went ice-skating skiing hiking today.

While most of the country is experiencing frigid temperatures, you would think that Colorado would be marked by blizzards, ice, and a lot of wind.

Of course not. It was sixty-five degrees and sunny today. Not kidding.

Happy January.

My friend Abby just arrived to begin her semester at the Focus on the Family Institute. After showing her around town a little bit, we decided to go for a hike to my favorite place.  It sounds like a great idea, right? Sixty-five degrees and gorgeous in Colorado on a day off?  It was pretty much inevitable.

Until we realized that sixty-five degrees is apparently not quite enough to melt the GLACIERS on Mt. Cutler’s trail.


We went anyway.  An adventure for sure.

Here is a picture of the downhill trail (…with me in unstoppable motion…). That’s not snow. Just ice.


Here is the view that made ice-skating skiing hiking worth it.


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Meet the team.

Meet the team. These are my fellow student ministry staffers here. This team = A+


I really am sad that I haven’t documented more of the past month on the blog. It’s really late here, so I can’t post more tonight, but I do promise that I’m going to start posting more in the next couple of weeks. I have a hundred things to write about, but for now, I’m just posting the picture of our student ministry team. Taken in Crooked Creek, CO on a pre-camp site visit this week.

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I confess…

…that I’ve been back from Christmas for more than week, and still haven’t cared to blog even once. Sorry.

…that I finished Christmas with more than $100 worth of coffee giftcards. You know me so well.

…that my new roommate, Erica, is just about the best cook I’ve ever lived with.  Turkey chili = YUM.

…that I entered the world of coupons for the first time today  in an effort to become more frugal this year.

…that I have planned three possible half-marathons to attempt this year, and I haven’t started training for any of them yet.

…that I am not looking forward to the next eight weeks of school. But when they are over, I will be done with the last full-time stint of classes before I graduate.

…that I should probably be working right now.

…that I’m thinking about adopting a dog in the very, very near future. I’m just the kind of girl who needs a dog.

…that I am claiming 2009 to be Greater. Greater faith. Greater obedience. Greater evidence of the Holy Spirit in my life.  🙂 And I’m going to celebrate more.

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